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summer 2024 hours of operation

食堂 at 火博体育大学
More than great food
Your dining 经验 at Skidmore is more than great food — it's a community 经验. From the Murray-Aikins 食堂 to the Burgess Café, you'll find a warm, welcoming environment for enjoying not only award-winning meals but also connections with and celebrations of diverse foods and friendships.

食堂 at 火博体育大学
From classes to clubs — you have a lot on your schedule. 餐饮服务 ensures you can find something great to eat when you want it. Our flexible meal plans, hours and eating establishments are designed to meet every individual’s needs.

位置 and 小时
Emily's Graden and the Pizza Station
2020 Top College Dining facilities
American Culinary Federation-sanctioned cooking competition

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Special Arrangements/食物过敏

Special Arrangements/食物过敏

We encourage anyone with concerns about food allergies or dining in Murray-Aikens to click on the following links for more information.




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